About ArpanWorld

The main purpose of the ArpanWorld app is to propagate and ensure that every child in India gets the right to study – the right to be educated should be for all Indians.

We have designed and developed this app in an unique user friendly way, thus ensuring that a 360° approach is taken for School Education.

We are trying to pursue the concept of “Lowest Cost” Education Model. Hence, 35% of rural India who doesn’t have access to school gets a chance to get educated.

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Our Mission

Every child in India should have the Right to be Educated. The Girl Child in India who is not allowed to study due to social restraints is allowed a chance at education.

35% rural Indian children do not get opportunity to go to school. We would
like to educate every child.

Our 360° approach to education will be used in a manner that a child can totally educate himself as our courses cover the entire curriculum.

playstore button free online learning app download